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With the increasingly advanced development of mobile technology and the heightened usage by consumers for both mobile searching and purchasing, many more business owners are standing up and taking stock to ensure they're utilising mobile web as part of their marketing strategy.Analysts are predicting rapid increases in mobile web sales with some suggesting a figure of close to €3 billion by 2015, a vast increase on the €24.5 million spend of last year. Google have recently provided data on mobile internet searching, revealing that over 33% of mobile users search for localised content - services, products or addresses in close proximity.Local and real-time searching is now an essential tool for targeting potential customers, especially as search engine applications for mobile devices are beginning to include your current GPS location in your mobile web search. Because mobile SEO can be very focused on location, it is now easier than ever to reach targeted markets within your own community or districts.The introduction of smartphones, with larger screens and touch screen HTML browsers has increased the usability and appeal of mobile web browsing. Factor this along with the increase in mobile web speeds, and you've got new levels of functionality and personalisation.How well your pages render on a mobile unit is fast becoming a vital evaluation in how well you rank, so it's imperative that your site takes mobile browsing into consideration. With Google Adwords providing the ability to target mobile phones as well as traditional devices, you ignore this tool at your peril.In the first three months of 2010, there was an increase of over 60% in search activity by iPhone and Android devices over the previous three months. With the introduction of 'Click-to-Call" search ads, this increase is set to continue.Apps are also a sure-fire way to increase traffic, sales and brand recognition, as long as there is real value to the consumer. So put simply, ignoring mobile web search and sales will ensure you're left behind in an ever developing market.To find out how you can harness mobile marketing, contact us here.

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